Press Release
30 January 2023
NAC signs MOU with GE Aerospace to explore carbon offset program for NAC’s aircraft leasing operations

NAC has entered into an MOU with GE Aerospace to explore a CORSIA* compliant carbon offset program that will allow NAC to offset carbon associated with its ferrying of aircraft and its direct employee long-haul business travel.

The signing of this MOU represents NAC’s commitment to driving a more sustainable business model.

Brian Power, EVP Fleet Operations at NAC, said, “NAC is pleased to work with GE Aerospace on our first program to offset carbon generated from our direct leasing operations.”

Cristina Seda-Hoelle, General Manager of Regional & Business Aviation Engines and Services at GE Aerospace, said, “GE Aerospace looks to support its customers in helping meet their goals to be more sustainable and we are pleased to work with NAC to test this pilot program.”


* Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). Learn more here.