Press Release
7 March 2024
NAC receives industry leading ESG Risk Rating of 8.9 from Morningstar Sustainalytics

Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) announces its inaugural ESG Risk Rating from Sustainalytics, a leading global ESG ratings, research and data provider. NAC has been rated 9.1, placing the company in the top tier “0-10 Negligible ESG Risk” category. NAC is the only aircraft leasing company to have attained this top ranking and currently has the best rating in the industry. Sustainalytics uses a scale of 0-100 from lowest to highest risk and evaluates a broad range of ESG metrics. **In May 2024, NAC’s rating was updated to 8.9 due to a change in metrics/indicators.

Norman C.T. Liu, President & CEO of NAC, commented, “We are pleased with this milestone rating, and our very strong result reflects our firm’s commitment to sustainability, diversity, strong risk management and operating responsibly for all stakeholders.”

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