Press Release
13 March 2023
NAC announces 2022 financials, inaugural ESG report and new website

Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) is pleased to announce its annual financials for 2022. Our full annual report is available here.

Highlights below:

  • $2.8bn of net income. Restructuring its financial liabilities led to a $3.1bn gain which was offset by $227m of impairments of which a significant portion was attributed to the relinquishment of control of assets that remain in Russia and Ukraine.
  • $46m net income for 2H 2022 following the June 1 completion of NAC’s restructuring.
  • $3.7bn of total assets. NAC owned 315 aircraft and had purchase commitments for 39 aircraft at 31 December 2022.
  • Net debt was $1.7bn and book equity was $666m at year-end.
  • Total available liquidity in excess of $1bn at year-end between cash and warehouse facilities.

Separately, the Company launched its inaugural ESG report and new website.

Norman C.T. Liu, President & CEO of NAC, said: “2022 was a transformative year for NAC. The Company made substantial progress in terms of portfolio and platform development. Our strategy is to remain a global leader in regional aircraft leasing and expand into larger narrowbody aircraft by leveraging our world class asset management platform.”

For more information on NAC, download our corporate profile here.